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Review of Psychology, Vol.12 No.1 Siječanj 2006.

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How culture specific values relate to universal ones: Human value orientations assessed by the Austrian Value Questionnaire as compared to the Schwartz Value Survey

Walter Renner
Ingrid Salem

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The Austrian Value Questionnaire (AVQ), designed to assess culture specific values of Austrian society, was administered together with the Schwartz Value Survey (SVS), which claims to assess universal values, to a representative Austrian sample (N = 421). Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of both questionnaires confirmed that they measure distinct dimensions. Five factors represented values from the AVQ, 3 those from the SVS. In spite of different dimensionality, we expected that each of the AVQ scales would be able to predict specific SVS scales. By use of structural equation modeling, this hypothesis was confirmed for 3 of the 5 AVQ scales. The results indicate that culture specific and universal instruments measure separable, though overlapping, value constructs.

Ključne riječi
human values; culture; measurement; validity; SEM

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