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Contributions of Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb, Vol.24 No.1 July 2008.

Original scientific paper

Beneficiarii consularis in the territory of the Delmatae

Marin Zaninović ; Zagreb

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Fulltext: pdf (176 KB), Croatian, Pages 181 - 184 , downloads: 663 *

During the Principate and later on the beneficiarii were guardians of public security. In the province of Dalmatia they appear in the inscriptions after the legions and auxiliary units had left. Their presence is more pronounced in the territory of the tribe of the Delmatae, as the bearers of resistance to the Roman conquests during a century and a half. Following the Pax Romana we find them mostly in Salona and in the interior on the main spots of previous resistance and traffic junctions.

the Delmatae; camps; beneficiarii; legions; cohorts


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