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Journal of Dalmatian archaeology and history, Vol.1 No.101 December 2008.

Review article

A little more on Hvar’s Herakleia

Marin Zaninović

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In his description of circumnavigation of the Adriatic, Pseudo-
Scylax mentions Herakleia with a harbour. The text is dated to the
latter half of the fourth century BC. This was the era of Syracusan
domination on the Adriatic and the corresponding insecurity. In
local mints, a discontinuation of coin circulation occurred. During
the time when the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax appeared, the coins
of Herakleia also appeared, with the most examples found on
the island of Hvar, in the towns of Hvar and Stari Grad. Since the
settlement of Pharos was at the site of Stari Grad, Herakleia should
be located at the site of today’s town of Hvar and its harbour,
always an important point on navigation routes all along the
Eastern Adriatic coast.

Herakleia; Pharos; Greeks; Illyrians; coins


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