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Rasprave: Časopis Instituta za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Vol.34 No.1 Travanj 2009.

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Josip Voltiggi’s Grammatica Illirica (1803)

Darija Gabrić-Bagarić ; Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (119 KB) str. 115-131 preuzimanja: 905* citiraj
Gabrić-Bagarić, D. (2008). GRAMMATICA ILLIRICA JOSIPA VOLTIGGIJA (1803.). Rasprave: Časopis Instituta za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, 34(1), 115-131. Preuzeto s

Josip Voltiggi’s Grammatica Illirica (1803), annexed to a trilingual dictionary, is a practical handbook intended for foreigners who are learning the Croatian language. The external structure and the langauge described are a direct continuation of A. Della Bella’s and M. Lanosović’s Croatian language grammar books. The purpose of the Grammar, however, has determined the size of lessons and their character. Voltiggi does not tend to offer completeness of descriptions like the grammar books of his paragons, but tries to explain the basic morphological structure and a few conversational frameworks sufficient for basic communication.

Ključne riječi
annexed grammar; practical use; comparative approach; Della Bella; Lanosović



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