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Geoadria, Vol.13 No.2 December 2008.

Preliminary communication

Sociogeographic transformation of the western part of Korčula Island

Lena Mirošević ; Department of Geography, University of Zadar

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Fulltext: pdf (6 MB), Croatian, Pages 155 - 185 , downloads: 793 *

The paper compares the demogeographic and economic features of the two settlements in the western part of Korčula Island. Although the settlements Vela Luka and Blato are only seven kilometers apart, their dissimilar geographic position has been the reason for the differences in their historical-geographic development. A comparative approach is used to analyze the socio-geographic features of Vela Luka and Blato, with an attempt to determine the actual demogeographic and economic conditions, as well as changes in landscapes caused by the process of litoralization.

deruralization; industrialization; litoralization; tourism; landscape; Vela Luka; Blato; Korčula Island


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