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Prilozi Instituta za arheologiju u Zagrebu, Vol.25 No.1 Kolovoz 2009.

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Textile finds from the site of Crkvari – St Lovro church

Tatjana Tkalčec ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia
Dora Kušan Špalj ; Archaeological Museum, Zagreb, Croatia
Siniša Krznar ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia

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The paper presents an analysis of textile finds from graves 43 and 112, discovered during archaeological excavations in 2004 and 2005 at the site of Crkvari – St Lawrence (Sv. Lovro) church. Both graves lay adjacent to the northern church wall, within the sacristy revealed by archaeological excavations. Grave 43 was superimposed in physical and stratigraphical terms over grave 112. The fill of grave 43 yielded several pieces of textile strips with golden threads (F 118). The fill of grave 112 likewise yielded a textile strip with golden threads (SF 33) as well as the dislocated skull of a young woman, wrapped with the remains of textile embroidered with golden fibers (SF 27). The analysis of the textile established that it belonged to two clothing items, most probably a woman’s cap (SF 27) and a strip (SF 33 and SF 118) that bordered a clothing item. The textile from both graves belonged to valuable clothing items, whose use was limited to distinct and richer social classes. Based on the archaeological stratigraphy and absolute dates obtained by the 14C method, we can date the discovered textile objects around the mid-16th cent.

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Crkvari; church of St Lovro; cemetery; sacristy; archaeological find; textile; clothing; Middle Ages; early Modern Age; 16th century


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