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Nafta, Vol.60 No.2 Veljača 2009.

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New Commercial Oil Discovery at Rovesti Structure in South Adriatic and its Importance for Croatian Part of Adriatic Basin

Sanjin Grandić ; Retired graduated engineer of geology, Viktora Kovačića 14, 10010 Zagreb, Croatia
Slobodan Kolbah ; MSc., graduated engineer of geology, INA Naftaplin, Exploration Sector, Šubićeva 29, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper has been inspired by the newest data on successful petroleum-geological exploration and the discovery of commercial reservoir in southwestern part of the offshore Adriatic Basin in the vicinity of towns Bari and Brindisi. On several occasions in presentations in Nafta journal, the authors have pointed out that oil discovery could be expected in the Croatian part of Adriatic offshore if the seismic data reinterpretation and exploration drilling results were addressed properly. Recent analyses of such data showed that previous studies did not include all paleo-geographic elements, which affected the development of paleo-structures and creation of potential source and reservoir rocks and cap rocks. Special attention shall be put on the above mentioned elements and at the end, the recommendations for further petroleum-geological exploration shall be given.

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Croatian offshore; exploration; new settings; Rovesti; the new commercial oil discovery


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