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Media Research : Croatian journal for journalism and the media, Vol.20 No.2 December 2014.

Original scientific paper

Guidelines for Media Literacy Interventions in the Digital Age

W. James Potter ; University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA,

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Potter, W.J. (2014). Guidelines for Media Literacy Interventions in the Digital Age. Medijska istraživanja : znanstveno-stručni časopis za novinarstvo i medije, 20(2), 5-31. Retrieved from

The purpose of this essay is to present a systematic procedure to help educators, researchers, and others design successful media literacy interventions. The essay begins with a review of three literatures (naturalistic interventions, educational evaluations, and social scientific studies of media effects) as a foundation for a seven-step procedure: (1) Begin with a clear conceptualization of media literacy, (2) determine your learning objectives, (3) analyze targets’ histories, (4) design the treatment to focus on real needs, (5) administer the intervention, (6) measure individuals’ outcomes and processes, and (7) analyzed what worked and why.

Media literacy; interventions; media effects; knowledge structures; skills

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