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Bilten Hrvatskog društva za medicinsku informatiku

Journal included in HRČAK

Status in HRČAK: active
ISSN 1330-0253 (Print)
ISSN 2671-1265 (Online)
Contact: Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku informatiku
Škola narodnog zdravlja, Rockefellerova 4 HR-10000 Zagreb Hrvatska
Publisher: Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
  Rockefellerova 4, Zagreb
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Bulletin of the Croatian Medical Informatics Society publishes research and professional papers covering the broad range of medical informatics topics.

Peer review: editorial peer review, single, scientific and professional papers, open peer review

First year of publication: 1992

Frequency (annually): 2

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Interdisciplinary Technical Sciences; Biomedicine and Healthcare; Information and Communication Sciences;

Date added to HRČAK: 31 August 2017

Rights: Bulletin of the Croatian Medical Informatics Society is an Open Access journal. Users are allowed to copy and redistribute, and alter, transform, or build upon the material as long as they attribute the source in an appropriate manner.


  Vol. 25   No. 1
  Vol. 24   No. 2
  Vol. 24   No. 1
  Vol. 23   No. 2
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