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Spatial Analyses for the City of Zagreb – Planning and Management

Nives Škreblin ; Gradski ured za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj Grada, Republike Austrije 18, 10 000 Zagreb

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Spatial analyses for the City of Zagreb are mostly produced by the Department for Spatial Information and Research of the Zagreb City Office for Strategic Planning and Development, which is also the coordinator of Zagreb Infrastructure Spatial Data (Croatian acronym: ZIPP). Based on an extensive database, spatial research, analyses, indicators and analytical bases can be accessed for the needs of strategic planners and other users.
Examples from practice are described which are publicly available on the web pages of the City of Zagreb, and which were produced at the request of city administrative bodies or private use, from analyses of population density, access to public transport, access to public green spaces, the network of preschool and primary school facilities, strategic city projects, capital investments in buildings for social activities, and public architecture-urbanism tenders, to registering damage after the earthquakes in Zagreb.
Spatial analyses provide data which encourage the rational use of spatial resources and informed city administration. New features are interactive web applications with publicly available data which achieve transparency on the part of the city administration. One of the advantages is that they can be refreshed in real time.

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spatial analysis, urban analysis, spatial and urban planning, spatial data, GIS, Zagreb

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