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The Morphology of Abnormal Embryodis and Plantlets Obtained from Embryogenic Callus of Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Sibila Jelaska ; Hrvatska

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In addition to normal forms of embryoids in an embryogenic callus of pumpkin, various abnormal forms also appear. They can be characterized, according to their morphology, as monocotyleous, heterocotyleous, tricotyleous, quadricotyleous, syncotyleous, and embryoids with leaf-like cotyledons.
Other forms observed include: twins, forms with undeveloped roots, undeveloped hypocotyls, callus formed on the surface of the plantlet, multiple growth and forms of undifferentiated masses. The anomalies described, with the exception of certain differences in the size of the embryoids are not dependent on the presence of a specific growth substances in the nutrient medium.


kultura biljnog tkiva, embriogeni kalus, bundeva

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