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Original scientific paper

Nonlinear Resonant Jump in Rudder Positioning Electrohydraulic Systems

Krunoslav Horvat
Vladimir Koroman
Ognjen Kuljača

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page 111-116

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The rudder positioning electrohydraulic system, as many other complex systems, is a nonlinear
system. In nonlinear systems, a nonlinear resonant jump can occur. The paper deals with
the analysis of the rudder positioning electrohydraulic system regarding the nonlinear resonant
jump caused by saturation of the electrohydraulic proportional valve. The meaning of the term
“resonant jump” is explained in the introduction. Then, the basics needs for occurrence of nonlinear
resonant jump phenomenon are given. The rudder positioning electrohydraulic system is also
described. Two methods of analyzing system with respect to resonant jumps are described: the
analytical method and the simulation method. When performing the analytical analysis based on
the describing function approach, the analysis of the variations of important parameters, including
saturation, is performed. Then, the confi rmation of the results of analytical analysis is illustrated
by the simulation method. Also, the simulation procedures, like creating an excitation signal and
accelerating the simulation by using vectors in Simulink/Matlab simulation software package, are
explained in detail.


electrohydraulics, nonlinear resonant jump, rudder positioning system

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