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Histria antiqua

Status in HRČAK: inactive
ISSN 1331-4270 (Print)
UDK: 902/904
Contact: Mr. sc. Kristina DŽIN (Pula), HR – 52103 Pula, 554;
Publisher: Institute of Social Sciences IVO PILAR
  Marulićev trg 19/I, 10 001 Zagreb
  tel: (+385 1) 4886-815; fax: (+385 1) 4828-296
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Peer review: no peer review

First year of publication: 1995

Frequency (annually): 1

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Architecture and Urbanism; Humanistic Sciences; History; History of Art; Art Sciences; Archeology; Ethnology and Anthropology;

Date added to HRČAK: 26 March 2012

Rights: Histria antiqua is an open access journal, anyone may view, reproduce or store copies of articles comprising the journal provided that the articles are used only for their personal, non-commercial use.
Any uses and or copies of this Journal in whole or in part must include the customary bibliographic citation, including author attribution, date, article title and journal name.


  Vol. 21   No. 21
  Vol. 20   No. 20
  Vol. 19   No. 19
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