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eng Olive Mill Wastewater for Bioethanol Production using Immobilised Cells
hrv Proizvodnja bioetanola iz otpadnih voda prerade maslina primjenom imobiliziranih stanica
Ayadi, Khadidja; Meziane, Malika; Rouam, Djawed; Bouziane, Mohammed Noureddine; El-Miloudi, Khaled
Kemija u industriji Vol. 71, No. 1-2, 2022
Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of a local traditional olive mill wastewater, at Ennakhla-Chlef in northern Algeria, were evaluated. The olive mill wastewater samples had slight acidity of 0.65 % with a pH = 4.88, and electrical conductivity of 34 mS cm<sup>–1</sup>. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) and the biological oxygen demand (BOD<sub>5</sub>) reached up to 183 g l<sup>–1</sup> and 7 g l<sup>–1</sup>, respectively. In addition, the samples showed 1.72 g l<sup>–1</sup> of total phenolic compounds. Preliminary microbiolo...
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