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eng Internal control activities in small Turkish companies
Bilgi, Ismail; Mihaylova, Lyudmila; Papazov, Emil
Management Vol. 22, No. Special Issue, 2017
The purpose of this paper is to present major outcomes from an empirical study concerning internal control activities in small Turkish companies, as to propose the improvement guidelines. Methods of analysis and synthesis, descriptive statistics, and statistical comparison were used. The collected data was processed with the help of the SPSS software. Тhe study is limited to organizations based in the European part of Turkey. Most of them operate in areas around large cities, such as Istanbul, Edirne, Kırklareli, and Tekirdağ. They employ on av...
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eng Strategic management accounting in Bulgarian manufacturing SMEs
Mihaylova, Lyudmila; Papazov, Emil
Management Vol. 27, No. 1, 2022
Analyzing the strategic aspects of managerial accounting in the context of reporting in industrial SMEs is a critical management issue. This paper aims to present the main results of an empirical study on this topic among some SMEs from the knitwear industry in the southern part of Bulgaria. Analytical and synthesis methods, descriptive statistics, and comparison techniques are used for this study. All the companies studied have been on the market for more than ten years and have experienced and well-trained managers and other characteristics t...
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