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eng The first experience with three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer in The University Hospital for Tumors in Zagreb
hrv Prva iskustva s trodimenzijskom konformalnom radioterapijom u liječenju raka prostate u Klinici za tumore u Zagrebu
Solarić, Mladen; Šamija, Mirko
Libri Oncologici Vol. 34, No. 1-3, 2006
Three-dimensional (3D) conformal radiation therapy is a standard of care in prostate cancer patients. It is delivered in either adjuvant or salvage setting, and only occasionally as palliative treatment. The University Hospital for Tumors in Zagreb, Croatia introduced the technique in November 2005. During the introductory period of six months, 3D-conformal radiotherapy was given to 86 prostate cancer patients, the majority of them with primary prostate cancer (60.47%). Only 4 patients received palliative treatment, and the remaining 30 were a...
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eng Comparison of volumetric arc modulated radiotherapy and 3D conformal radiotherapy in prostate bed irradiation
hrv Usporedba volumetrijski modulirane lučne radioterapije i 3D konformalne radioterapije ležišta prostate
Stručić, Franjo; Rajevac, Vedran; Antunac, Katarina; Solak-Mekić, Meliha; Cmrečak, Franjo; Beketić-Orešković, Lidija
Libri Oncologici Vol. 50, No. 1, 2022
Prostate cancer has the highest incidence in male population in Croatia and radiotherapy has been used as a treatment choice for decades. Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT ) is a newer radiotherapy technique used at our department for the last year. In our study we performed the estimation of quality improvement achieved by VMAT radiation technique in comparison to 3D CRT for prostate bed irradiation. Conformity Index (CI) and dose delivered to organs at risk (OARs) have been observed. VMAT was superior in achieving more conformal dose. Th...
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eng 3D-conformal radiotherapy with one target volume in a patient with two primary tumors – a case report
hrv Primjena 3D-konformalne radioterapija jednim ciljnim volumenom u bolesnika s dva primarna tumora – prikaz slučaja
Trstenjak, Zrinka; Solarić, Mladen; Bagović, Davorin; Šamija, Mirko
Libri Oncologici Vol. 35, No. 1-3, 2007
A male patient, aged 54, was admitted to the University Hospital for Tumors for primary radiotherapy of neoplasms in the hypopharynx and mid-esophagus, by biopsy both shown as planocellular carcinoma. Prior to initial radiation, the patient underwent 3 cycles of chemotherapy (cisplatin + 5-FU). The main problem occurring during the radiation planning was that the target volumes of the above mentioned primary tumors were detached, making together a unique, very big volume. In addition, part of that volume was to be irradiated only electively in...
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