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eng Influence of the canal width and depth on the resistance of 750 DWT Perintis ship using CFD simulation
Hadi, Eko Sasmito; Tuswan, Tuswan; Azizah, Ghina; Ali, Baharuddin; Samuel, Samuel; Hakim, Muhammad Luqman; Hadi, Muhammad Raaflie Caesar Putra; Iqbal, Muhammad; Sari, Dian Purnama; Satrio, Dendy
Brodogradnja Vol. 74, No. 1, 2023
Investigation of hydrodynamic interaction between the vessel and the seabed when entering shallow water is considered one of the most critical considerations of inland waterway transport. There are many investigations into the behavior of ships in restricted waters, such as ships traveling in different forms of canal cross-sections. The present study aims to evaluate the hydrodynamic interaction of the 750 DWT Perintis Ship moving through the different canal types to determine the relative effects of limiting the width and depth cross section o...
Hrčak ID: 292392