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eng Diagnostic testing of cast-resin transformers
Kruger, Michael; Engelen, Christoph
Transformers Magazine Vol. 5, No. 2, 2018
Cast-resin power transformers are widely used in areas of high standards concerning fire hazards and environmental protection. The most common reason for failures of cast-resin transformers is the electric breakdown of the cast-resin insulation between turns or parts of the windings. In many cases, partial discharges (PD) occur before the breakdown happens. By testing the windings with induced voltage in combination with a sensitive PD measurement, the risk of unforeseen outages can be minimized. Methods for performing the induced voltage test...
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eng Distribution transformers market
Saeed, Saqib; Sheppard, Shirin
Transformers Magazine Vol. 6, No. 5, 2019
Global distribution transformers market reached around $5.5 billion in 2018 (up to 600 kVA and below 40 kV). The majority of this demand, around 74 %, came from distribution utilities globally, followed by 19 % from industry and around 7 % from power generation. As a general trend, market in emerging countries is mostly driven by new additions along with replacements, while in developed markets, including western Europe and North America, most of the demand is due to end-of-life replacements. Distributed generation and electric vehicle supply i...
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eng Failures in dry-type transformers for offshore applications
Foster, Derek
Transformers Magazine Vol. 8, No. SE2, 2021
This article focuses on failures involving dry-type transformers in offshore applications. It addresses the most common causes of failures and the modes of failure. Recommendations are provided for use by specification engineers and end-users to reduce the possibility of failures, including preparation of a suitable specification, siting concerns, operation and maintenance guidelines and procedures needed to be performed after a failure in order to minimize the resulting disruption.
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