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eng Economical and Reliable Transformer Maintenance by Holistic Interpretation of Insulating Oil Condition
Grisaru, Marius
Transformers Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014
The importance and cost of transformers is described and stressed in all the literature. Transformers are one of the most important and vital links in the electricity supply chain. Despite the very high cost related to transformer failures, the tests and diagnoses of the equipment itself, the transformer owner or a person responsible for its proper operation is faced with many diagnostic approaches and most of them are either inaccurate or unnecessary and irrelevant to individual case. Of course the lack of specialists in transformer diagnoses...
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eng On-load integrated treatment of giant power transformers in a severe scenario
Tumiatti, Vander; Maina, Simone; Actis, Riccardo; Alotaibi, Mutlaq; Al-Ghamdi, Omar
Transformers Magazine Vol. 9, No. 4, 2022
The article describes the asset and risk management approach of a primary electrical company in the Middle East area. A specific maintenance strategy has been carried out for loss prevention of giant transformers, addressing mainly the corrosive sulfur. Starting from the international standards and considering the specific context, the appointed consultancy company GCC Lab selected the most efficient long-term mitigation technique: the selective depolarization. This process, developed and operated by Sea Marconi, is proven to be effective in t...
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eng Application of passivators in transformer insulating mineral oils
Lewand, Lance
Transformers Magazine Vol. 2, No. 2, 2015
Electrical insulating mineral oils are mainly manufactured from naphthenic crude sources, with a small number being produced from paraffinic crudes and gas-to-liquids technology. The resulting products are most frequently free of additives, except for certain types of phenol-based oxidation inhibitors, and of a very low percentage by weight, only up to 0.4 %. The main specifications for electrical insulating oils, Doble TOPS, ASTM D3487 and IEC 60296, only allow oxidation inhibitors and any other additives must be agreed upon by the entities in...
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