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eng Editorial message
Banovic, Mladen
Transformers Magazine Vol. 6, No. 5, 2019
Dear Readers, You are holding in front of you our Special Edition on Substations. This topic is the result of our readers' choice and I think this is a good opportunity for all of us dealing with specific products, to look at the big picture and the conditions in which these products are made – substations. This issue confirmed once again that digitalization is the dominant trend which enables new opportunities and imposes new challenges for power products. The first conclusion would be that monitoring as we know it, will slowly cease to sati...
Hrčak ID: 228360

eng Cyber security in marine transport: opportunities and legal challenges
Al Ali, Naser Abdel Raheem; Chebotareva, Anna A.; Chebotarev, Vladimir E.
Pomorstvo Vol. 35, No. 2, 2021
In recent years, the number of cyber attacks, virus carriers, and cybercrime on maritime transport facilities has increased significantly. The emergence of new types of maritime vessels, such as autonomous vessels, dependent entirely on information and communication technologies used for passengers, cargo and baggage transportation, requires legal regulation of relations in this area. Therefore, ensuring cybersecurity in maritime transport and the need to adopt appropriate legal norms, standards and measures at both the international and nation...
Hrčak ID: 267178

eng Cybersecurity and cyber defence: national level strategic approach
Galinec, Darko; Možnik, Darko; Guberina, Boris
Automatika Vol. 58, No. 3, 2017
Cybersecurity encompasses a broad range of practices, tools and concepts related closely to those of information and operational technology (OT) security. Cybersecurity is distinctive in its inclusion of the offensive use of information technology to attack adversaries. Use of the term “cybersecurity” as a key challenge and a synonym for information security or IT security confuses customers and security practitioners, and obscures critical differences between these disciplines. Recommendation for security leaders is that they should use the te...
Hrčak ID: 203362

eng 10 Things Clinicians Need to Know About Healthcare Cyberattacks
Rizzoli, Paul
The threat of cyberattacks on healthcare systems is increasing. Individual providers should be aware of potential weaknesses in their systems and should begin immediately to look for ways they can help to minimize the risks of a potentially devastating attack upon their healthcare system. Examples of potential threats are reviewed along with suggested solutions. Going forward we will all need to become more educated in order to help prevent such attacks.
Hrčak ID: 260176

eng Pixel Value Graphical Password Scheme: K-Means as Graphical Password Fault Tolerance
Afizi Mohd Shukran, Mohd; Sidek Fadhil Mohd Yunus, Mohd; Rizal Mohd Isa, Mohd; Ahmad, Fatimah; Naim Abdullah, Muhammad; Muzzameer Syed Zulkiplee, Syed; Adib Khairuddin, Mohammad; Nazri Ismail, Mohd; Fahmi Mohamad Amran, Mohd; Wahab, Norshahriah; Adnin Ahmad Zaidi, Nur
Pixel value access control (PVAC) was introduced to deliver a secure and simple graphical password method where it requires users to load their image as their password. PVAC extracts the image to obtain a three-octet 8-bits Red-Green-Blue (RGB) value as its password to authenticate a user. The pixel value must be matched with the record stored in the database or otherwise, the user is failed to authenticate. However, users which prefer to store images on cloud storage would unintentionally alter and as well as the pixel value due to media compr...
Hrčak ID: 266724

eng Impact of Spoofing of Navigation Systems on Maritime Situational Awareness
Androjna, Andrej; Perkovič, Marko
Transactions on Maritime Science Vol. 10, No. 02, 2021
The development of contemporary navigation and positioning systems have significantly improved reliability and speeds in maritime navigation. At the same time, the vulnerabilities of these systems to cyber threats represent a remarkable issue to the safety of navigation. Therefore, the maritime community has raised the question of cybersecurity of navigation systems in recent years. This paper aims to analyse the vulnerabilities of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) and Automatic I...
Hrčak ID: 269764

eng Digital condition monitoring for smart transformers
Chakraborty, Sruti; Grisaru, Marius
Transformers Magazine Vol. 7, No. 5, 2020
A digital transformer is the centrepiece of a smart grid that gives agility to the business model of the power sector. It enables self-measurement, monitoring, analysis, and two-way communication of its condition using various electronic devices in real time. However, big data issues, high cost of sensors, rapidly changing digital technologies, and a lack of standardisation protocol restricts the emergence of a truly digital transformer. This paper describes that a multidimensional approach towards storage, analysis, and safety of condition mo...
Hrčak ID: 249602

eng The Effects of Globalization and Cyber Security on Smart Cities
Szabó, Zsolt
By 2050, 70% of all people will be living in towns and cities. In 1900, it was only 13%. This means that every year, the number of people living in cities increases by seven times the population of New York. Water usage is increasing rapidly too; it has sextupled in the past 100 years; this rate of increase is double the rate of population increase. We must all face the challenge of a large number of people living together efficiently, in an organized way, on Earth, and how they can all access the needed services with the required quality. The...
Hrčak ID: 225733

eng Understanding Privacy Basics in Healthcare
hrv Razumijevanje osnova privatnosti u zdravstvenoj zaštiti
Belani, Hrvoje
Achieving and maintaining patient privacy and data protection are inevitable in providing trustworthy healthcare, but often the topics that have not been given enough attention. Understanding privacy basics is crucial for empowering citizens in care, e. g. patients and protégés as well as healthcare workers while providing healthcare. This work covers the following areas and topics of the privacy basics in the context of healthcare: privacy as a human right; short history of privacy; personal privacy protection; privacy and dignity; privacy vs....
Hrčak ID: 285167

eng Towards an Improved Framework for E-Risk Management for Digital Financial Services (DFS) in Ugandan Banks: A Case of Bank of Africa (Uganda) Limited
Arim, Andrew; Wamema, Joseph
One of the predominant challenges facing banks in low resource countries is the management of Digital Financial Services (DFS) risks. Many banks are making worthwhile efforts to boost the factors that make them come on top of the challenges, unfortunately they have fallen short. This article sought to develop an e-risk management framework for DFS in Ugandan banks. Design Science Research paradigm, a mono-method qualitative research method and a case study research strategy was adopted. Questionnaires, interviews and document review were the ma...
Hrčak ID: 279876