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eng Neural network-based data-driven modelling of anomaly detection in thermal power plant
Banjanovic-Mehmedovic, Lejla; Hajdarevic, Amel; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Mehmedovic, Fahrudin; Dzananovic, Izet
Automatika Vol. 58, No. 1, 2017
The thermal power plant systems are one of the most complex dynamical systems which must function properly all the time with least amount of costs. More sophisticated monitoring systems with early detection of failures and abnormal behaviour of the power plants are required. The detection of anomalies in historical data using machine learning techniques can lead to system health monitoring. The goal of the research is to build a neural network-based data-driven model that will be used for anomaly detection in selected sections of thermal power...
Hrčak ID: 203337

eng Intelligent management of substation assets
Chakraborty, Sruti; Zotto, Alberto
Transformers Magazine Vol. 6, No. 5, 2019
This article discusses the advantages and challenges of using artificial intelligence for substation transformer management. It focuses on the use of various techniques for qualitative assessment of substation transformers through cost-effective means.
Hrčak ID: 228370