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eng Optoelectronic Pantography Diagnostics of Temporomandibular Disorders in Patients with Bruxism
Mehulić, Ketij; Kevilj Gospić, Renata; Dundjer, Alenko; Škrinjarić, Tomislav; Štefančić, Sanja; Vojvodić, Denis; Perinić, Margareta
Collegium antropologicum Vol. 33, No. 3, 2009
Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is a joint term that encompasses a number of clinical symptoms that involve the teeth, masticatory musculature and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). They are a frequent cause of orofacial medical conditions. The aetiology of disorders is complex and individual etiologic factors are not sufficiently defined. Bruxism, in its centric or eccentric form, is becoming a frequent problem for dentists. The purpose of this study is to show factors of the condyle leading in patients with bruxism by optoelectronic pantograph...
Hrčak ID: 41832

eng Surface diagnostics of narow plate moulds
Frischer, R.; Krejcar, O.; David, J.
Metalurgija Vol. 54, No. 4, 2015
The analysis of the issue of monitoring and diagnostics of surface of narrow crystallizer’s desks. There is described the development and the achieved laboratory results based on laser object surface scanning. The diagnostic system which is currently creating will be part of management systems to support service life of mould as a part of continuous steel casting device. The emergence of weariness is caused by many factors, influences and processes that act and run directly on the device, its individual parts, through its operation.
Hrčak ID: 138279

eng Usage of analytical diagnostics when evaluating functional surface material defects
Frischer, R.; David, J.; Švec, P.; Krejcar, O.
Metalurgija Vol. 54, No. 4, 2015
There are occurring defects due to defects mechanisms on parts of production devices surfaces. Outer defects pronouncement is changing throw the time with unequal speed. This variability of defect’s mechanism development cause that is impossible to evaluate technical state of the device in any moment, without the necessary underlying information. Proposed model is based on analytical diagnostics basis. Stochastic model with usage of Weibull probability distribution can assign probability of function surface defect occurrence on the operational...
Hrčak ID: 138283

eng Timing and modality to obtain representative and beneficial DGA sample for liquid-filled device
Grisaru, Marius
Transformers Magazine Vol. 8, No. 3, 2021
The literature and most of the offline and online seminars on DGA deeply and extensively elaborate on the DGA diagnosis and some DGA separation and measurements novelties. Sampling aspects can mainly be found on short videos on You-Tube, released by major companies. This trend is probably responsible for attributing an image of low-tech and low importance to sampling procedures in comparison with the sophisticated and high-tech stage of diagnosis. On the contrary, the sampling phase combined with vessel selection and packaging for transport is...
Hrčak ID: 261398

eng Transformer oil sampling - a dirty and dangerous mission
Grisaru, Marius
Transformers Magazine Vol. 8, No. 4, 2021
In the last column, the importance of sampling was emphasized, elaborating on the sampling frequencies, transformer size and the right timing. In this one, we will evaluate oil sampling for all transformer types as the most critical stage of DGA, the most dangerous for the transformer as well as for the staff. The sampling stage may revoke the statement that the DGA test as also other oil tests as non-invasive tests with online devices are not spared from risks to transformer operation, even more than offline. This column will present some of...
Hrčak ID: 263852

eng Diagnostics of Pipelines System
Štroffek, E.; Peterka, P.; Krešák, J.; Kropuch, S.
Metalurgija Vol. 45, No. 2, 2006
Underground gas storage in Slovakia has a 25 years history. The first phase of building, the object for underground reservoir Láb began in 1977. The underground reservoir is separated into five independent parts, phases of building. All parts are concentrated in central control area. The oldest part of equipment for underground reservoir needs overhaul and maintenance today. The maintenance process uncovers a lot of problems that were created through building process. The great problems are uncovered in the area of pipeline system diagnostics....
Hrčak ID: 6526

eng Principles of Dermatologic Ultrasound Diagnostics
Zmudzinska, Maria; Czarnecka-Operacz, Magdalena; Silny, Wojciech
Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica Vol. 16, No. 3, 2008
Hrčak ID: 88816

eng A Non-invasive Method of Marine Engines Fuel System Diagnostics
Grzadziela, Andrzej; Kluczyk, Marcin
Pomorski zbornik Vol. Special edition, No. 3, 2020
Small naval vessels are equipped with high- and medium-speed engines with low diagnostic compliance. Faults in fuel installations are the most common cause of failure or inability to perform operational scenarios adequately. Identification of injector damage is severe as small engines are not equipped with indicators and thermocouples to measure the overall exhaust gas temperature in the exhaust manifold. The paper presents a vibration method for assessing the technical condition of a fuel installation. The proposed method is non-invasive and a...
Hrčak ID: 239026

eng Transformer management system - TrafoGrade
Szrot, Marek; Płowucha, Janusz; Molenda, Paweł
Transformers Magazine Vol. 8, No. 2, 2021
This paper presents the TrafoGrade system, developed by Energo-Complex Ltd. The main purpose of this tool is to aid a decision-making process regarding the operation of power transformers. The system consists of four modules, the most important being a multi-parameter evaluation of the technical condition of a transformer. The second is an assessment of importance of the unit, which concerns things such as energy security, technical possibilities of a transformer renovation or replacement, as well as reliability of the power supply and costs of...
Hrčak ID: 256533

eng The state and the problems of the education in the sphere of clinical laboratory diagnostics in Ukraine
Beregova, Olena
Biochemia Medica Vol. 21, No. 1, 2011
The question of the medical laboratories staff training is currently in the focus of attention in Ukraine. Laboratory technicians with a college degree are prepared in the medical colleges for two or four years depending on school educational level. During their practice they are assessed every five years on completing the additional improving course. The position and their job responsibilities are defined by the Ministry of Health Protection. Bachelors of clinical laboratory diagnostics (CLD) are trained in medical universities obtaining the a...
Hrčak ID: 64496