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eng Single EX-CCCII based electronically tunable current mode instrumentation amplifier
Singh, Priyanka; Nagaria, Rajendra Kumar
Engineering Review Vol. 42, No. 3, 2022
The purpose of this study is to present a new design for an electronically tunable instrumentation amplifier. The current-mode design approach is used for the proposed circuit. The proposed current-mode instrumentation amplifier employs a single Extra-X Current Controlled Current Conveyor (EX-CCCII) and a grounded resistor. This circuit design is very simple and suitable for IC integration. Because of the circuit's high output impedance, it can be cascaded with other current-mode circuits without the need for a buffer. In addition, this circuit...
Hrčak ID: 291874

eng Dual-mode multifunction filter realized with a single voltage differencing gain amplifier (VDGA)
Tangsrirat, Worapong; Pukkalanun, Tattaya; Channumsin, Orapin
Engineering Review Vol. 41, No. 2, 2021
This article presents the dual-mode multifunction biquad filter realized employing only a single voltage differencing gain amplifier (VDGA), one resistor and three capacitors. The proposed filterwith one input and three outputs can configure as voltage-mode or current-mode filter circuit with the appropriate input injection choice. It can also synthesis the three standard filter functions, which are highpass, bandpass, and lowpass responses without modifying the circuit configuration. Orthogonal adjustment between the natural angular frequency...
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