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eng Effect of Forced Cooling Contraction on Shrinkage Cavity and Segregation of Ultra-thick Continuous Casting Slab
Zhang, Jiazheng; Yan, Ling; Xu*, Changjun; Li*, Dejun; Zhang, Lianwang
Tehnički vjesnik Vol. 28, No. 3, 2021
Due to the shrinkage cavities and macro segregation that frequently happened in ultra-thick slab and affected the slab quality, a new technique called forced cooling contraction, which added extra cooling water in solidification end has been provided. The slice moving boundary model was established, the secondary cooling zone was divided into rolling zone, continuous bending zone and segment arc zone. The accuracy of secondary cooling calculation model was verified. The influence on shrinkage cavities and macro segregation was researched when t...
Hrčak ID: 258239

eng Utilization of dissipated heat of power transformers
Trbusic, Mislav; Marusa, Robert; Pihler, Jože; Hamler, Anton
Transformers Magazine Vol. 6, No. 5, 2019
The aim of the article is to provide the reader with the basic concept of the transformer’s heat utilization where a proposed technical solution anticipates the installation of an additional oil-water heat exchanger (ODWF) in the transformer's cooling system. An increase in the transformer’s cooling capacity lowers the oil temperature and reduces the transformer’s loss of life expectancy. In order to estimate the transformer’s oil temperature profile, as well as the heat power potential at the water side of the ODWF cooler, a numerical investig...
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