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hrv Promjene u prostornom rasporedu granske strukture industrije Hrvatske 1971 - 1988.
eng Changes in the Spatial Arrangement of the Branch Structure of Croatian Industry, 1971 - 1988
Stiperski, Zoran
Hrvatski geografski glasnik Vol. 57., No. 1., 1995
U ovom su se radu pokušale utvrditi promjene u prostornoj strukturi industrije Hrvatske koje su nastale između 1971. i 1988. godine. Izdvojena su područja prema jakosti razvoja industrije: najveća dinamika je zabilježena u sjeverozapadnoj Hrvatskoj. Utvrđene su i glavne indsutrijske grane u Hrvatskoj općenito i u određenim područjima: to su drvna, kemijska, metalna i prehrambena industrija.
Hrčak ID: 63884

eng Eco-Industrial Parks – An Opportunity for the Developing Countries to Achieve Sustainable Development
Popescu, Ramona Florina; Avramescu, Tiberiu Cristian
Eco-industrial parks are a form of industrial parks that seems to gain more and more interest in the developed and emerging countries. In the introduction, the paper presents the reasons that justify the presence of an eco-industrial park on a territory and continues stressing their main characteristics and their diversity. The authors try to explain which are the problems that can put off the development of an eco-industrial park, presenting not only the advantages but also the risks of eco-industrial parks for their members and for the hostin...
Hrčak ID: 78666

eng The Novel as Cultural Geography: Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South
Knežević, Borislav
The article examines the work of cartography in the 1854/5 Gaskell novel North and South, which has long been considered an example of the genre of the industrial novel dealing with capital/labor relations. The novel is analyzed as a complex exercise in the mapping of national space, which involves the creation of a map stretching from the global to the domestic. An argument is made that in the mid-19th century the English novel took it upon itself to take part in the articulation of knowledge about society that the novelists felt was nec...
Hrčak ID: 101805

eng Forecasting Capacity of ARIMA Models; A Study on Croatian Industrial Production and its Sub-sectors
Tomić, Daniel; Stjepanović, Saša
As one of the most important indicator for monitoring the production in industry as well as for directing investment decisions, industrial production plays important role within growth perspectives. Not only does the composition and/or fluctuation of the goods produced indicate the course of economic activity but it also reflects the changes in cyclical development of the economy thereby providing opportunity to macro-manage with early signs of (short-term) turning-points and (long-term) trend variations. In this paper, we compare univariate au...
Hrčak ID: 182006

eng Understanding Gatekeeping Transformation in the Chinese EV Industry: An Exploratory Study of the Focal Firms' Cross-industrial Interactions
Liu, Yanyan; Cheng, Ying; Liu, Wei
In the Chinese electric vehicle industrial innovation, the focal firms, which are the key technological, manufacturing and business wise key players, are increasingly involved in the cross-industrial interactions. However, no studies have analysed how they interact across industrial boundaries as well as their consequences. The aim of this article is to explore the focal firms’ cross industrial interactions in the Chinese EV industrial innovation. Relying on the concept of gatekeeping and using the firms’ public information during 2009 and 2014...
Hrčak ID: 206483

eng Reconstruction of former industrial complexes and their utilisation in tourism – case study
Klempa, Martin; Bujok, Petr; Jelínek, Jan; Porzer, Michal; Pavluš, Ján
In the context of industrially developed countries today, there has been an increased interest in so called ‘industrial tourism’, which aims at exploring technical monuments in a broad spectrum of tourist activities. This form of tourism used to be the domain of a handful of technical enthusiasts but nowadays it is gaining popularity among the broader public. In almost every town it is possible to find an industrial site or at least a few large objects, which, after the cessation of production, were left unused. Even though they are not listed...
Hrčak ID: 139581

Dmytrik, Nadiia; Urenev, Valery
This paper discusses the importance of studying and rethinking the history of the development of domestic industrial architecture. The chronology of the development of industrial architecture in Odessa against the background of the industrial history of Russia and Ukraine is considered. The main stages and time frames typical for Odessa are identified as pre-industrial (1791–1861), the stage of formation (1861–1917/20), industrial (1918/20–1985), and post-industrial (1986–present day). The paper presents a brief description of each stage along...
Hrčak ID: 242098

eng Past centuries industrial architecture renovation methods
Zhydkova, Tatiana; Chepurna, Svetlana; Popova, Olga; Chabanenko, Petr
Tehnički glasnik Vol. 12, No. 4, 2018
The problems of exploitation of industrial territories located in big city centers and their impact on architectural and space urban composition have been investigated in the paper. The question of refurbishing former industrial territories to residential or social purposes has been examined. The examples of industrial territories use in other countries as well as in Kyiv and Kharkiv have been shown. The term loft has been defined in the article for industrial buildings converted to residential purpose by preserving industrial design elements o...
Hrčak ID: 210874

eng Enzymes from Higher Eukaryotes for Industrial Biocatalysis
Liu, Zhibin; Weis, Roland; Glieder, Anton
Food Technology and Biotechnology Vol. 42, No. 4, 2004
The industrial production of fine chemicals, feed and food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and their respective intermediates relies on an increasing application of biocatalysis, i.e. on enzyme or whole-cell catalyzed conversions of molecules. Simple procedures for discovery, cloning and over-expression as well as fast growth favour fungi, yeasts and especially bacteria as sources of biocatalysts. Higher eukaryotes also harbour an almost unlimited number of potential biocatalysts, although to date the limited supply of enzymes, the...
Hrčak ID: 110873

eng The interaction of clusters between manufacturing and producer services in China
Li, Bingqiang
The interactive development of clusters between manufacturing and producer services is important for China to break its comparative economic dilemma. The scientific novelty in this article is embodied by the interaction of various clusters of manufacturing with producer services. Taking the location quotient as the index measuring cluster, it was found that various manufacturing clusters and producer service clusters in the east achieved comparative equilibrium, while the middle and the west were comparatively imbalanced in development....
Hrčak ID: 193192