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eng Twenty-five years later: The impact of war and forcible displacement on collective identities of Semberians and refugees in Bijeljina
srp Dvadeset pet godina poslije: uticaj rata i prisilnog raseljenja na kolektivne identitete Semberaca i izbjeglica u Bijeljini
Pupovac, Maja
Tragovi Vol. 3, No. 1, 2020
Studying this topic with a significant time distance of two and a half decades, this paper addresses the question of how war and forcible displacement affected the collective identities of Serb residents of Bijeljina, a city in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In particular, the paper examines the relationship between the local population and formerly internally displaced persons (IDPs) – Semberians (the native population of the region Semberia, with Bijeljina as its largest city) and refugees (population that is largely internal...
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