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eng Reflections on International Actors and the Making of Social Policy in Croatia
hrv Promišljanja o međunarodnim akterima i stvaranju socijalne politike u Hrvatskoj
Stubbs, Paul
Revija za socijalnu politiku Vol. 15, No. 3, 2008
Addressing the role of international actors in three pivotal moments in the development of social policy in post-independence Croatia, the article sees welfare reforms as complex interactive processes in which legacies and contexts matter. The mistrust created by an implicit social policy in the context of a new humanitarianism during the wars, compounded by the problems of externally driven reform projects, continue to limit changes in Croatia’s social welfare policies and practices. However, a delayed yet emergent Europeanisation, expressed i...
Hrčak ID: 30378

eng Environmental Issues in Post-Conflict States and the Multiple Streams Model: The Case of Air Pollution in BiH
hrv Pitanja okoliša u postkonfliktnim državama i model višestrukih tokova: slučaj zagađenja zraka u BiH
Budimir, Ana
In post-conflict states, environmental problems are often neglected regardless of their severity. According to UN data, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is one of the countries with the worst air pollution in the world, which has serious consequences for people's health and the economy. Given the importance of this issue, the paper investigates why it is not on the agenda of policymakers, by applying Kingdon's multiple streams model. The analysis leads to the conclusion that of the three streams (problem, policy, and politics), the politics stream...
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