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Drulović, Jelena
Acta clinica Croatica Vol. 50, No. Supplement 2, 2011
Hrčak ID: 106113

eng The Opinions of Polish Nurses and Patients on Nursing Protests
Binkowska-Bury, Monika; Malgorzata, Marc; Malgorzata, Nagorska; Januszewicz, Pawel; Ryzko, Jozef
Collegium antropologicum Vol. 37, No. 3, 2013
The aim of this study is to explore nurses’ and patients’ opinions about nurses in Poland going on strike. The study was carried out in Poland between January and June 2009, using 150 nurses and 150 hospitalized patients. The study was conducted using two questionnaire surveys. The main reasons why nursing strikes are organized, in the opinions of nurses, are: higher wages, the improvement of working conditions and the improvement of the image of the nursing profession. The main reasons why nursing strikes are organized, in the opinions of pati...
Hrčak ID: 118187

eng Nurse in a team: cross-sectional study of nurses’ opinions on physician-nurse relationship
Sule, Zdenka; Marušić, Ana
ST-OPEN Vol. 1, No. -, 2020
Background: For a long time, physicians have considered themselves superior to nurses, whose duty has been to carry out physicians’ orders regardless of their professional and scientific background and efficiency. Nowadays, a more professional approach to nursing profession emphasizes their professional autonomy. There are not many studies of the physician-nurse relationship that lead nurses to obedience towards physicians and their demands. We investigated nurses reactions to situations in which they are asked to fulfil physicians’ demands eve...
Hrčak ID: 246902

eng Interventions of Health Visitors in Making a Decision About Breastfeeding
Mikšić, Štefica; Konjarik, Zdenka; Kralj-Vasilj, Mirjana; Juranić, Brankica; Pavlović, Dragica
Aim: The aim of this paper was to establish a link between the promotion of breastfeeding and the interventions of the visiting nurse. Methods: The study was conducted in 2012 in the city of Đakovo and the surrounding area. The questionnaire was filled out by mothers after leaving the maternity ward, during the first visit of the community health nurse within the first seven days after the labor. Results: From a total of 154 parturient women who filled in a survey after they had left the hospital, the decision about breastfeeding before t...
Hrčak ID: 186758

eng Implications of Work in the Covid Isolation Ward and the Central Emergency Department on the Life and Work of Nurses
Pavić, Jadranka; Vučko, Marija; Liška, Franjo
Croatian Nursing Journal Vol. 6, No. 1, 2022
Nurses as the largest group of health workers are at the forefront of the health system’s response to the pandemic. in order to control the spread of infection in patients with suspected or confirmed infection, the need for the formation of covid isolation wards was emphasized. The situation required rapid adaptation to new working conditions, which affected the psychophysical condition and professional and private life of nurses who were actively involved in the care of patients with suspected or confirmed SArS-cov-2 infection. The aim of the...
Hrčak ID: 280866

eng The role of the cardiac surgical scrub nurse in the multidisciplinary team
Karimanović, Katarina; Grubišić, Milka; Markač, Ivan; Jurčić, Dragana; Čarapina, Mia
Cardiologia Croatica Vol. 17, No. 9-10, 2022
Hrčak ID: 289875

Moriconi, Simona; Balducci, Pierfrancesco Maria; Tortorella, Alfonso
Psychiatria Danubina Vol. 32, No. suppl. 1, 2020
Background: Mental disorder is known to be as a loss of existential paradigm; individual’s functioning is lacking in all areas. Therefore, it is difficult to point out what the patients exactly need because their needs are set on a broad range of a difficult boundary. The level of care that follows will be complex and multifactorial because nursing will challenge the interaction with the individual as a whole: behaviors and relations with family members. At this stage exploring interpersonal conflicts, with past and present aggression behav...
Hrčak ID: 262518

eng A Partner Relationship in Meeting the Needs of Patients and Their Families
Juranić, Brankica; Mikšić, Štefica; Lipič Baligač, Metka; Knezić, Klaudia
A nurse is the first person who comes in contact with patients and their family members. She shares information with them by verbal and non-verbal communication, with the goal of establishing a good relationship and focusing her attention on the patient as a whole person. Nurse’s sincere thoughts and feelings create a sense of security and open communication, which are key elements for providing healthcare and inclusion of the family in the decision-making process. A nurse who spends her time by the patient’s side plans, implements, evaluates a...
Hrčak ID: 213822

eng Attitudes of Health Care Professionals About Importance of Health-Education Work of Public Health Nurses in Osijek-Baranja County
Maceković, Marko; Prlić, Nada
Aim: To examine the attitudes of health care professionals towards the importance of health-education work of public health nurses directed at individuals, families and communities. Methods: 142 subjects participated in the research, of which 56 public health nurses, 44 primary care (family) physicians and 42 nurses working in family medicine teams. Research was conducted at the Health Centres in Beli Manastir, Osijek, Valpovo and Đakovo, Croatia. A segment of the standardized questionnaire Public Health Nursing Survey Instrument – a table of...
Hrčak ID: 218674

eng Acute coronary syndrome
Franjić, Sandra; Švec, Zrinka; Jurec, Maja
Cardiologia Croatica Vol. 15, No. 3-4, 2020
In Croatia and throughout the world cardiovascular diseases represent a great public health problem as they are most common among diseases and the leading cause of death. Annually about 4 million people in Europe dies of cardiovascular disease (45% of all deceased). Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is an acute complication of heart and blood vessels disease and is most commonly caused by atherosclerosis or coronary thrombosis. Types of ACS are unstable angina, ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction (N...
Hrčak ID: 236263