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eng ZnO nanostructured photocatalysts for water treatment applications
Lučić Lavčević, Magdy; Penava, A.
Metal oxide semiconductor materials, designed to be applied in photocatalytic systems for water purification, are required to have large specific surface areas, because chemical reactions induced by suitable irradiation take place by contact between their surface and fluid. Zinc oxide is well known as a material that forms various morphologies at the micro- and nanoscale, which can easily fulfill this requirement in the case of ultraviolet irradiation. However, some nanoscaled morphologies can also provide zinc oxide catalysts that are function...
Hrčak ID: 191228

eng Facile Preparation of Silver Halide Nanoparticles as Visible Light Photocatalysts
Cui, Linfan; Jiao, Tifeng; Zhang, Qingrui; Zhou, Jingxin; Peng, Qiuming
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Vol. 5, No. Godište 2015, 2015
In this study, highly efficient silver halide (AgX)-based photocatalysts were successfully fabricated using a facile and template-free direct-precipitation method. AgX nanoparticles, which included silver chloride (AgCl), silver bromide (AgBr) and silver iodide (AgI), were synthesized using different potassium halides and silver acetate as reactive sources. The size distribution of the AgX nanoparticles was determined by the reaction time and ratio of the reagents, which were monitored by UV-vis spectra. The as-prepared AgX nanoparticles exhibi...
Hrčak ID: 142569

eng Visible-light Driven Eosin Y Catalyzed C(sp2)-H Functionalization/C–O Bond Formation for Synthesis of Benzoxazoles
Mishra, Mangla; Srivastava, Vishal; Singh, Pravin K.; Singh, Praveen P.
Croatica Chemica Acta Vol. 95, No. 1, 2022
Visible light mediated synthesis of benzoxazoles from benzanilides under an air atmosphere at room temperature is reported using eosin Y as an organophotoredox catalyst by functionalization of C–H/C–O bond formation. This methodology accepts a broad range of functional groups and affords the benzoxazoles by transition-metal-free organic photoredox catalysis under very mild conditions.
Hrčak ID: 293306

Petric, Marko; Dodigović, Filip; Grčić, Ivana; Markužić, Petar; Radetić, Lucija; Topić, Mateo
In order to evaluate the efficacy of ammonia photocatalysis, it is necessary to continuously monitor its concentration during the process. This paper presents ammonia concentration monitoring using a low cost (non-professional) electronic device. The device is based on an open source electronic platform, and it is composed of the MQ-137 ammonia detection sensor, connected to the Croduino Basic 2 board. Sensitive material of the sensor is a metal oxide (SnO2). The change in the ammonia concentration causes a change in the electrical resistance,...
Hrčak ID: 222947

eng Photocatalytic Oxidation of Rhodamine 6G Dye Using Magnetic TiO2@Fe3O4/FeZSM-5
Dükkancı, M.
Efficient decolorization of Rhodamine 6G dye (Rh 6G) using magnetic TiO2@Fe3O4/FeZSM-5 photocatalyst was carried out in a batch reactor equipped with two visible lights (high-pressure Na lamps). The photocatalyst was synthesized and characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and vibrating sample magnetometry. The effects of initial Rh 6G concentration, catalyst loading, and pH were investigated on photocatalytic oxidation of Rh 6G. Maximum decolorizati...
Hrčak ID: 256417

eng The effect of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide on size and morphology of ZnO and CuO
Rao, Anantha N. Subba; Venkatarangaiah, Venkatesha T.
The nanoparticles (NP) ZnO and CuO were synthesized by electrochemical-thermal method. The influence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) on size and morphology of NP was evaluated. They were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction spectroscopy (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy. The average crystallite size and the average grain size of NP decreased with CTAB concentration. The CTAB significantly affected the morphology of CuO and ZnO NP. The regular spindle shape of CuO transformed into irregul...
Hrčak ID: 127265