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eng Basics of Power Transformers
Banović, Mladen; Sanchez, Jean
Transformers Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014
Power transformers are key elements of a high voltage electrical transmission grid, which adapt voltage levels to the different needs of electric power users at constant power (disregarding the losses). This electrical machine is classically constructed out of copper, steel, paper and insulating oil. All those materials are made into different components. The main ones are the windings, tap changing system, core, tank and bushings. The components are assembled together to produce a power transformer. Power transformers are developed worldwide usi...
Hrčak ID: 186875

eng A General Overview of Power Transformer Diagnosis
Banović, Mladen; Sanchez, Jean
Transformers Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014
Basically, the life expectancy of a power transformer is quite long, known to be around forty years of service before it needs replacing. Nevertheless, during service life of a power transformer, it is necessary to constantly maintain it, mainly in order to make the transformer operate safely as long as possible. This paper will discuss the main diagnostic methods that could be performed during service life of a transformer. It will also attempt to provide the purposes of the main diagnostic methods carried out by different power transformer...
Hrčak ID: 186881

eng Issues to Consider When Substituting Large Power Transformers in Generating Stations
Ilie, Relu; Kerszenbaum, Isidor
Transformers Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014
For availability reasons, many generating utilities keep custom designed spare transformers in storage, readily available and identical to their critical large power transformers. However, in case the exact replacement is not possible, the only option the generating utility has is to search for a substitute transformer that, as a minimum, is able to offer a temporary solution. The purpose of this paper is to indicate the most important aspects to be considered when checking the interchangeability of such substitute transformer, based on authors‘...
Hrčak ID: 186882

eng Transport, installation and commissioning of power transformers
Budin, Kenneth
Transformers Magazine Vol. 2, No. 1, 2015
Whilst much attention is quite rightly given to power transformer design, manufacturing and factory acceptance testing, the final stages of the supply chain are equally important, namely transport, installation and commissioning. The health of the transformer is critically dependent on safe and careful handling during transport and unloading where sudden impacts or shocks can lead to damage of critical components. Of equal importance are the processes and practices used at site during assembly, vacuum processing and addition of the insulating f...
Hrčak ID: 182919

eng Classification of Transformers Family
Banović, Mladen; Sanchez, Jean
Transformers Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014
Transformers are used in the electrical networks everywhere: in power plants, substations, industrial plants, buildings, data centres, railway vehicles, ships, wind turbines, in the electronic devices, the underground, and even undersea. The focus of this article is on transformers applied in the transmission of energy, usually called power transformers. Due to very versatile requirements and restrictions in the numerous applications, ranging from a subsea transformer to a wind turbine transformer, a small distribution transformer to a large ph...
Hrčak ID: 186879

eng Mapping transformer populations: A key to optimize maintenance processes in order to minimize risks and costs
Daemisch, Georg
Transformers Magazine Vol. 7, No. 1, 2020
This article introduces a model for mapping transformer populations. The concept of mapping goes beyond a transformer condition assess- ment to include the financial risk of power disruption and downtime. Different power plant types or industrial production facilities can experi- ence significant cost increase due to production downtimes from the loss of all or a part of the transformer population. Even a single day or a few hours of lost power can have a severe economic impact depending on the function of the transformer(s). The mapping proces...
Hrčak ID: 232082

eng Artificial intelligence challenges for power transformer maintenance
Grisaru, Marius
Transformers Magazine Vol. 9, No. SE2, 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) attempts to be involved in power transformer diagnostics are relatively old and coincide with the AI development in close domains. Artificial intelligence concept and implementation is still an emerging technology, even though the impression is that AI is ever-present. In medicine and diagnostic fields, AI has faced many challenges, and most of them are probably impossible to overcome, even by the most powerful computers. Transformer oil diagnoses and health index techniques mainly based on DGA, as well as oil tes...
Hrčak ID: 286638

eng Reliable, optimised power transformers with heat recovery for urban areas
Jarman, Paul; Hampton, Kevin; Lashbrooke, Mark; Pukel, Georg Johannes
Transformers Magazine Vol. 4, No. 2, 2017
A project in the heart of London interconnects innovative transformer technologies to add value for the neighbourhood by delivering power and heat at the same time. Proven at 400 kV/240 MVA, the technology of combining ester insulation and heat recovery devices could be adopted in smaller transformers realizing significant cost saving and carbon footprint improvements.
Hrčak ID: 179596

eng The transformation of transformers: A short history of power transformers through the age
Devaux, François
Transformers Magazine Vol. 7, No. 1, 2020
From Michael Faraday’s observation of electromagnetic induction in 1831 through today’s largest standard, converter and industrial power transformers, this article summarizes the major steps realized in the development of transformers since the beginning. It also showcases how GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions’ ancestor companies such as DELLE, British Electric, Thomson-Houston, GEC Alsthom, AEG to name few of them, played a pioneering role in that evolution.
Hrčak ID: 232090

eng An intelligent system for condition assessment of power transformers
Khalil, Mohamed
Transformers Magazine Vol. 7, No. 5, 2020
Health index (HI) approach has been adopted widely as a tool that assists the asset managers to prioritise their plans and actions. However, the conventional computation of HI, which is based on scoring and ranking, has several drawbacks. In this work, the fuzzy logic approach is utilised to build up an intelligent HI system to assess the condition of power transformers based on oil quality and DGA results.
Hrčak ID: 249603