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eng Breast cancer adjuvant radiotherapy - when can it be omitted?
hrv Kada se može otkloniti indikacija za adjuvantnu radioterapiju raka dojke?
Antunac, Katarina; Beketić-Orešković, Lidija
Libri Oncologici Vol. 50, No. 1, 2022
The aim of adjuvant radiotherapy in patients with breast cancer is to reduce the risk of disease recurrence; both local and systemic. It also contributes to better overall survival. However, that effect is not consistent across all subgroups of patients. Bearing in mind radiotherapy’s side effects, it is crucial to define patients in which radiotherapy effect on the control of the disease is so low that it can be safely omitted. In general, those would be patients age 70 years or older after breast conserving surgery with hormonal receptor posi...
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