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eng Advanced UT Techniques
Grga, Ivan; Jarnjak, Fran
HDKBR INFO Magazin Vol. 3, No. 3, 2013
Ultrasonic phased array testing is a powerful NDT technology and one whose use is growing rapidly. The paper gives an overview on how an UT beam is formed using phased array compared to sound beams in conventional UT, presenting benefits introduced as well as disadvantages of ultrasonic phased array technology.
Hrčak ID: 148793

eng Segment Oriented Compression Scheme for MOLAP Based on Extendible Multidimensional Arrays
Masudul Ahsan, Sk. Md.; Azharul Hasan, K. M.
<p>Many statistical and MOLAP applications use multidimensional arrays as the basic data structure to allow the efficient and convenient storage and retrieval of large volumes of business data for decision making. Allocation of data or data compression is a key performance factor for this purpose because performance strongly depends on the amount of storage required and availability of memory. This holds especially for data warehousing environments in which huge amounts of data have to be dealt with. The most evident consequence of data compres...
Hrčak ID: 139790

eng Radiation Pattern of Waveguide Antenna Arrays on Spherical Surface - Experimental Results
Rupčić, Slavko; Mandrić, Vanja; Vinko, Davor
In this paper, the radiation pattern of two experimental models of circular waveguide antenna arrays on spherical surface is obtained experimentally and compared with theoretical patterns. We have omitted the phase delay of feed system signals because we have only compared measured and theoretical results in order to verify theoretical results, without trying to improve the best radiation characteristics of developed experimental models. Analysis was made with a developed moment method (MoM) program. The spectral-domain approach to the anal...
Hrčak ID: 63488

Šidlová, Veronika; Kasarda, Radovan; Moravčíková, Nina; Trakovická, Anna; Curik, Ino; Ferenčaković, Maja
Poljoprivreda Vol. 21, No. 1 SUPPLEMENT, 2015
In this work, the distribution of different lengths ROH (runs of homozygosity) in six cattle breeds was described. A total of 122 animals from six cattle breeds (Holstein, Simmental, Austrian Pinzgau, Ayrshire, MRI-Meuse Rhine Issel and Slovak Pinzgau) were analysed. The ROH approach was used to distinguish Slovak Pinzgau population from other investigated breeds as well as to differentiate between ancient and recent inbreeding. The average number of ROH per animal ranged from 17.06 in Holstein to 159.22 in Ayrshire. The highest number of short...
Hrčak ID: 150610

eng Forming High Gain Wide Beam with NULL Steering Ability to Receive UAV Signal Based on Phased Array Antenna
Salman, Alaa Nadim; Almekdad, Shokri; Alhariri, Mohamad
Successfully achieving the mission of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) requiring a high gain data link between the UAV and the ground control station (GCS). The antenna of the ground station must has a narrow, precisely guided beam towards the UAV. Widening the beamwidth in phased array will be on the expense of reducing the gain and increasing the possibility of receiving the interference signal, this may lead to the failure in achieving the desired link. This paper presents a new method to achieve an automatic forming of the reception beam a...
Hrčak ID: 220971

Hantoro, Ridho; Septyaningrum, Erna; Hudaya, Yusuf Rifqi; Utama, I Ketut Aria Pria
Brodogradnja Vol. 73, No. 3, 2022
Ocean waves are a renewable energy source with abundant reserves in Indonesia. With the vast waters of Indonesia, the development of a sea wave power plant needs to be developed. This research focuses on the development of easy-operated and maintained ocean wave converter–pendulum system (OWC – PS). The numerical simulation and experimental analysis were conducted to obtain the relation between the motion response of the pontoon array and its pendulum. The pontoon used is the trimaran type, which consists of a cylindrical pontoon as the main hu...
Hrčak ID: 281056

eng Application of electronic tongue in isotonic sports drinks characterization and differentiation during storage
Marković, Ksenija; Major, N.; Smola, I.; Levaj, Branka; Panjkota Krbavčić, Ines; Hruškar, Mirjana; Vahčić, Nada
The electronic tongue or taste sensor system, comprised of seven potentiometric sensors, was applied as a tool in isotonic sports drinks analyses and characterization. Recently, electronic tongue systems showed large potential in food quality control, and for the first time it was used in isotonic sports drinks differentiation. The ability of the electronic tongue to differentiate between isotonic sports drinks samples and to monitor isotonic sports drinks during shelf life was evaluated by PCA analysis. The obtained results showed that the ele...
Hrčak ID: 76160

eng Towards a Synesthesia Laboratory: Real-time Localization and Visualization of a Sound Source for Virtual Reality Applications
Kose, Ahmet; Tepljakov, Aleksei; Astapov, Sergei; Draheim, Dirk; Petlenkov, Eduard; Vassiljeva, Kristina
In this paper, we present our findings related to the problem of localization and visualization of a sound source placed in the same room as the listener. The particular effect that we aim to investigate is called synesthesia—the act of experiencing one sense modality as another, e.g., a person may vividly experience flashes of colors when listening to a series of sounds. Towards that end, we apply a series of recently developed methods for detecting sound source in a three-dimensional space around the listener.We also apply a Kalman filter to...
Hrčak ID: 199217

eng Analysis of Seismic Methods Used for Subsea Hydrocarbon Exploration
Birin, Ivan; Maglić, Lovro
Pomorski zbornik Vol. 58, No. 1, 2020
Subsea hydrocarbon exploration comprises detection and estimation of shape, depth, volume and other physical properties of hydrocarbon fields within the Earth’s subsurface layers. Marine seismic survey is a process that generally includes sending seismic waves into seabed and recording the intensity and travel time of reflected seismic waves to determine the subsurface features of the Earth. Different methods, equipment and techniques are used to conduct a survey, from sea surface seismic arrays to seabed local seismic station networks. In this...
Hrčak ID: 240868

Crkvenac Gornik, Kristina; Tonkovic Durisevic, Ivana; Pokupec Bilic, Anita; Huljev Frkovic, Sanda
Aim: With the exception of ring chromosome 14 or translocations, interstitial deletions of the long arm of chromosome 14 are very rare. All patients with these deletions share common phenotypic characteristics, primarily mild dysmorphia and developmental delay. Molecular karyotyping (array CGH) enabled the precise breakpoint determination and improved the analysis of genotype-phenotype correlations. Case presentation: In a 7-year-old girl, array CGH was performed due to developmental delay. The array CGH study showed 8.3Mb de novo interstitial...
Hrčak ID: 224345