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eng Burnout Syndrome – Assessment of a Stressful Job among Intensive Care Staff
Čubrilo-Turek, Mirjana; Urek, Roman; Turek, Stjepan
Collegium antropologicum Vol. 30, No. 1, 2006
The purpose of the study was to investigate the degree of burnout experienced by intensive care staff, particularly, in Medical (MICU) and Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU) General Hospital »Sveti Duh«, Zagreb. A sample group of 41 emergency physicians and nurses from MICU and 30 from SICU was tested. The survey included demographic data and Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) scoring test identified by the three main components associated with burnout: emotional exhaustion (MBI-EE), depersonalization (MBI-DEP), and personal accomplishment (MBI-...
Hrčak ID: 8902

Kalagac, Lada; Milevoj, Mirna; Jašić, Mladen; Mladinov, Ognjen
Glasnik pulske bolnice Vol. 9, No. 9, 2012
Hrčak ID: 106970

eng Intensive care of newborn with edwards syndrome – case report
Božić, Tomica; Pupić-Bakrač, Jure; Brkić, Vesna; Šumanović Glamuzina, Darinka; Jerković Raguž, Marijana; Bošnjak, Marija; Mustapić, Antonija; Pupić-Bakrač, Ana
Gynaecologia et perinatologia Vol. 25, No. 4, 2016
Introduction. Edwards syndrome is the second most common autosomal chromosome anomaly in humans, with a prevalence of 1: 6,000–1: 8,000 in live births. The syndrome includes a recognizable pattern of major and minor anomalies, and prominent psychomotor and cognitive impairments. It carries an increased risk of neonatal and infant mortality. More than 50% of children die in the fi rst week of their life, and less than 10% of them survive until the age of one year. The approach to the treatment of such patients has so far caused many controversie...
Hrčak ID: 251508

eng First measured intrathoracic blood volume in icu patients indicates the appropriateness of circulatory volume management
Kopic, Jasminka; Mirkovic, Ivan; Lucic, Ivan; Ajdinovic, Asja; Jurjevic, Matija
Signa vitae Vol. 2, No. 1, 2007
Hemodynamic monitoring in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) settings is usually introduced when a patient becomes hemodynamically unstable. We analyzed how empirically guided volume management relates to first measured intrathoracic blood volume (ITBV), at the moment of the beginning of Puls Contour Cardiac Output (PiCCO) hemodynamic monitoring. Data and measurements from 37 ICU patients, divided into four groups according to diagnosis of primary condition, were retrospectively studied. The first group consisted of polytrauma patients, second group of...
Hrčak ID: 11965

eng Increased plasma vaspin concentration in patients with sepsis: an exploratory examination
Motal, Michael C.; Klaus, Daniel A.; Lebherz-Eichinger, Diana; Tudor, Bianca; Hamp, Thomas; Wiegele, Marion; Seemann, Rudolf; Krenn, Claus G.; Roth, Georg A.
Biochemia Medica Vol. 25, No. 1, 2015
Introduction: Vaspin (visceral adipose tissue-derived serpin) was first described as an insulin-sensitizing adipose tissue hormone. Recently its anti-inflammatory function has been demonstrated. Since no appropriate data is available yet, we sought to investigate the plasma concentrations of vaspin in sepsis. Materials and methods: 57 patients in intensive care, fulfilling the ACCP/SCCM criteria for sepsis, were prospectively included in our exploratory study. The control group consisted of 48 critically ill patients, receiving intensive ca...
Hrčak ID: 139263

hrv Epidemiološke karakteristike novorođenčadi transportirane iz Opće bolnice Pula u tercijarni pedijatrijski centar u desetogodišnjem razdoblju (2006-2015)
eng Epidemiological characteristics of neonates transferred from General Hospital Pula to a tertiary pediatric center in a ten-year-period (2006-2015)
Jašić, Mladen; Becker, Mia; Milevoj Ražem, Mirna; Jotanović, Željana
Glasnik pulske bolnice Vol. 13, No. 13, 2017
Hrčak ID: 200938

eng Centralization of Intensive Care Units: Process Reengineering in a Hospital
Kumar, Arun; Shim, Sung J.
Centralization of intensive care units (ICUs) is a concept that has been around for several decades and the OECD countries have led the way in adopting this in their operations. Singapore Hospital was built in 1981, before the concept of centralization of ICUs took off. The hospital’s ICUs were never centralized and were spread out across eight different blocks with the specialization they were associated with. Coupled with the acquisitions of the new concept of centralization and its benefits, the hospital recognizes the importance of having a...
Hrčak ID: 66018

eng Evaluation of Bacteremia in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Epidemiology, Microbiology, Sources Sites and Risk Factors
Maldini, Branka; Antolić, Stanko; Šakić-Zdravčević, Katarina; Karaman-Ilić, Maja; Janković, Saša
Collegium antropologicum Vol. 31, No. 4, 2007
Bacteremia is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in children treated in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). We have investigated the causative agents of bacteremia in our PICU over a one-year period, to determine mortality associated with such infection and identify the dependent predictors for morbidity and mortality. From 1 January till 31 December 2006, 479 patients were admitted in the PICU and 379 blood culture samples were taken. Samples were incubated in the BACTEC 9050 System, and isolates identified by routine microbiologi...
Hrčak ID: 26952

eng Procalcitonin - potential, limitations and availability
Signa vitae Vol. 10, No. Suppl. 1, 2015
Hrčak ID: 170119

Russo, Andrea; Paštar, Anđela; Slišković, Ana; Urlić, Ivan; Škare, Zorana; Mulić, Rosanda
Psychiatria Danubina Vol. 32, No. suppl. 1, 2020
Background: The International Labour Organization (ILO, 2000) has defined stress and exhaustion from working shifts and night work, and psychological and organizational stressors conditions that create health risks for surgical nurses. Among the OR nurses/ technicians 41.9% reported that causes of their stress included inadequate teamwork, ineffective communication, and especially surgeons’ negative attitudes. Subjects and methods: The stuudie has been held in Clinical Hospital Centre Split, the sample consists of a total of 62 out of 109...
Hrčak ID: 262361