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McKeever, Anna; Agius, Mark
Psychiatria Danubina Vol. 30, No. suppl. 7, 2018
Given the poor efficacy of disease modifying treatments and evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) pathophysiology begins in middle-age, efforts to reduce the substantial disease burden have shifted towards preventative intervention in midlife. Up to a third of all AD(the commonest cause of dementia) is attributable to modifiable cardiovascular risk factors. A tool for predicting risk of future dementia using only cardiovascular risk factors has been validated and the effect of lifestyle modification on future cognitive decline is under invest...
Hrčak ID: 262971

Laklija, Maja; Janković, Josip
Zadnjih desetak godina mobbing i slična antisocijalna ponašanja pojedinaca na radnom mjestu prepoznati su kao važno pitanje organizacije rada. Stoga ne čudi da je interes stručnjaka i istraživača u svijetu, a sve više i kod nas, usmjeren na izučavanje utjecaja organizacijskog i individualnog stresa, odnosa među zaposlenicima i sl., kao i pronalaženje efikasnih metoda i tehnika preveniranja mobbinga te njegovih posljedica za pojedinca, njegovu obitelj i radnu organizaciju Nadalje, sve više raste svijest o tome da mobbing nije pojedinačna epizoda...
Hrčak ID: 57984

Matić, Ivon
Zdravstveni glasnik Vol. 7, No. 2, 2021
INTRODUCTION: Injuries in preschool children are one of the leading causes of child’s morbidity and mortality in today’s world. OBJECTIVE: Explore the prevalence and the type of injuries in preschool children as well as the parental behavior regarding injury prevention and to investigate the interconnections between these variables. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: The cross-sectional study included 218 parents of preschool children from the Županja area, in Eastern Croatia, who filled out an anonymous questionnaire during the April of 2015 that consist...
Hrčak ID: 267252

eng Automatic Supervisory System Synthesis for Port Cranes Collision Prevention by Using Petri Net
Kezić, Danko; Antonić, Radovan; Račić, Nikola
Promet - Traffic&Transportation Vol. 18, No. 3, 2006
The article deals with the system of port cranes comprisingtwo independently controlled cranes which are simultaneouslyengaged in the transhipment of cargo between a vessel and arailway wagon assembly alongside. The crane operator's errorcan lead to tlie collision of cranes. Therefore, it is necessary toinstall the supervisor in an automatic control system with thefunctions of continuous supervision of the process of cranemovement, and blocking of commands that can lead to collision.The article shows the method of crane system modellingas a dis...
Hrčak ID: 102243

eng Aspirin therapy in the primary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke – yes or no
Nikolić Heitzler, Vjeran
Cardiologia Croatica Vol. 16, No. 1-2, 2021
Hrčak ID: 250362

eng Safe use of antithrombotics
Šarić, Mirela; Kralj, Martina
Cardiologia Croatica Vol. 17, No. 9-10, 2022
Hrčak ID: 290025

eng The Importance of Molecular Diagnostics and Screening Programs in Monitoring and Evaluation of Colorectal Cancer in the Republic of North Macedonia
Trpkovska, Jovanka; Velickova, Nevenka
Sestrinski glasnik Vol. 25, No. 2, 2020
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common malignant diseases (12 % of the total) that occurs with an incidence of 15 – 30 new cases per 100,000 population per year in European Union countries. The risk of this disease during life depends on many factors such as age, diet, physical activity, personal and family predisposition. Several preventive measures can reduce the number of colorectal cancer patients. First of all, the regular screening which allows the detection of precancerous polyps or cancer in the early stage and their successf...
Hrčak ID: 248273

eng Prevention of eating disorders - Prevencija poremećaja prehrane
hrv Prevencija poremećaja prehrane
Ćuk, Marija; Rožman, Josipa
Sestrinski glasnik Vol. 26, No. 1, 2021
The causes of eating disorders are associated with biological, psychological and sociocultural factors which lead to changes in patterns of behavior that can get out of control. In people with eating disorders usually occurs dissatisfaction with their appearance and personal dissatisfaction in general. Eating disorders appear gradually, the person enters a vicious circle of overeating, starvation, vomiting and abuse of pills. The biggest problem in eating disorders is in not recognizing the above difficulties or denying the existence of t...
Hrčak ID: 256191

eng Child sexual abuse: Theoretical-empirical review and systematic prevention in Croatia
Roje Đapić, Mia; Buljan Flander, Gordana; Galić, Romana
Socijalne teme Vol. 1, No. 8, 2021
Child abuse and neglect represent social and public health problem with high mortality and morbidity rates worldwide. Research systematically indicates all abuse and neglect types’ high prevalence and incidence, also lowest disclosure percentage of sexual abuse, with far-reaching consequences on mental health and well-being. According to the Council of Europe, every fifth child is sexually abused, which is supported by national data, and through modern technologies, children are exposed to additional dangers such as online recruitment ("groomin...
Hrčak ID: 273052

eng Study of transformer explosion prevention with bushing turret protection
Goj, Anne; Iyer, Ashwin Padmanaban; Ahmed, Omar
Transformers Magazine Vol. 4, No. 5, 2017
Liquid-filled power transformers typically contain thousands of liters of flammable insulation. When this insulation breaks down, there is a high risk of transformer failure that would endanger human life, generate environmental hazards, and destroy valuable assets. Because live tests involving arcing are expensive and potentially dangerous, numerical simulations are a useful alternative to study faults over a wide range of transformers. Since bushings are common sources of transformer failure, we examine the role of deploying a transformer fas...
Hrčak ID: 202525