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eng Load frequency control scheme for a microgrid system with the application of hTLO-DE algorithm
Koley, Indrajit; Datta, Asim; Panda, Goutam Kumar
Engineering Review Vol. 42, No. 2, 2022
Load frequency control (LFC) is a crucial feature of electric power systems to maintain a balance between power supply and load demand, thus avoiding a deviation of the grid frequency. The present work aims to implement an effective LFC scheme for a microgrid system consisting of a diesel generator (DEG), a wind turbine generator (WTG) and a battery storage system. Proportional-integral-double-derivative (PIDD) controllers are used to implement the proposed LFC scheme. The controller parameters are computed using an innovative hybrid teaching-l...
Hrčak ID: 286689

eng A modified whale optimization algorithm-based adaptive fuzzy logic PID controller for load frequency control of autonomous power generation systems
Sivalingam, Raghuraman; Chinnamuthu, Subramani; Sekhar Dash, Subhransu
Automatika Vol. 58, No. 4, 2017
An autonomous power generation system (APGS) contains units such as diesel energy generator, solar photovoltaic units, wind turbine generator and fuel cells along with energy-storing units such as the flywheel energy storage system and battery energy storage system. The components either run at lower/higher power output or may turn on/off at different instants of their operation. Due to this, the conventional controllers will not provide desired performance under varied load conditions. This paper proposes an adaptive fuzzy logic PID (AFPID) co...
Hrčak ID: 203411