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Stočarstvo : Časopis za unapređenje stočarstva, Vol.59 No.2 Svibanj 2005.

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Exterior features of the Posavina horse from the area of the Odra and Lonja field

Saša Paprika
Ante Ivanković

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Paprika, S., Ivanković, A. (2005). Eksterijerne odlike posavskog konja s područja Odranskog i Lonjskog polja. Stočarstvo : Časopis za unapređenje stočarstva, 59(2), 91-119. Preuzeto s

The Posavina horse represents the recognisable autochthonous cold-blooded breed genotype, although its temperament and some conformation features indicate a warm-blooded origin. The breeding area of the Posavina horse today comprises the area of Sisak-Moslavina and Zagreb county, although, in a smaller number it has been bred in other parts of Croatia. The autochthonism of the Posavina horse is not questionable if we learn about the genesis of the Posavina horse, connected with hundreds of years in the area of Croatia. The genetic potential of the Posavina horse is obvious today in its adaptability to special extensive keeping conditions. The research has determined the body measurements of the part of the Posavina horse from the Odra and Lonja field. The established values of ten body measurements do not significantly deviate from the previously determined values of the Posavina horse features. The back height of the Posavina horse from the breeding area of the Odra and Lonja field is 142.60 cm, the chest volume 191.22 cm and the long bone volume 20.85 cm. The moderate variability in of measured features indicates good breeding consolidation. The correlation connection of features is positive and mostly significant (P<0,01), more expressed among the height and weaker among width body measurements. Significant differences in expressiveness of the majority of body features regarding the sex have been found. The withers of stallions are higher by 4.55 cm, their hips are higher by 3.33 cm and their tibia circumference is by 1.34 cm bigger. A significant difference in the mean height values of the withers, hip and chest of the Posavina horse subpopulation of the breeding areas of Upper and Lower Posavina has been determined. This can be used in directing the breeding work on the consolidation of the Posavina horse.

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Posavina horse; autochthonous breeds; Posavina; body measurements; correlation

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