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Bulletin d'archives, Vol. 48 No. 1, 2005

Original scientific paper

Contribution to the discussion on Istrian Demarcation ("Istarski razvod")

Dražen Vlahov

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Croatian-Glagolitic document on demarcation between estates of Istrian mediaeval municipalities, or communes, respectively of their feudal lords, Duke Albrecht of Gorizia and Pazin, Patriarch Raimund of Aquileia, and Venetian authorities in Istria, known as Istrian Demarcation (“Istarski razvod”), dated by May 5th 1325 when it was written, how says its text, in three languages – Latin, German and Croatian, and was made in three orginals – the first one by Priest Mikula, “kapelan g(ospo)dina kneza i vse gospode deželske i plovan Gole Gorice, očit oblašću s(ve)te rimske crkve i c(esarove) s(lobode) i kneza pazinskog nodar”, who was writing in Croatian, the second by Master Pernart from Gorizia, “ki biše pisar êzikom nemškim”, who was writing in German, and the third one by Master John from Krmin, “ki beše pisar êzikom latinskim”, who was writing in Latin. No example of those originals is preserved. Document is known to the public by two later Glagolitic transcripts and was issue of numerous papers.
In this paper author discusses opinions of Milko Kos and Josip Bartulić, who have been advocating thesis that a preserved transcript of Croatian-Glagolitic document of Istrian Demarcation found in Momjan, Istria, in 1880, was written by unknown person on the basis of unpreserved copy of notary public Levac Križanić.
Analyzing both preserved Glagolitic manuscripts of Istrian Demarcation, that from Momjan, and another one from Kršan, one of them preserved in State Archives in Rijeka, and another in National and University Library in Zagreb, the author concludes that both copies of the document were written by the same person, i.e. by Levac Križanić, and claims that undated Momjan’s copy was created before Kršan’s copy, probably in 1530s.

Istrian Demarcation; Kršan, Momjan; Levac Križanić; Anonimus

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