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Mljekarstvo : journal for dairy production and processing improvement, Vol. 53 No. 4, 2003

Professional paper

Cheese from the region of Livno

Slavko Kirin ; "Sirela", V. Sredice 11, 43000 Bjelovar
Željko Marijan

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In this paper an importance of cheese from the region of Livno, through its 117-years of production is described. The most important technological parameters, basic chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics of Livno cheese are described on the basis of literature data. A significant quality difference, between traditionally and industrially manufactured cheeses, mainly due to milk used, production processes and technical abilities, is established. The presented organoleptic properties and technological parameters, as well as chemical composition, can be use to standardise this type of cheese. This will also enable eventual protection of its geographical origin.

Autochthonous hard cheep milk cheese; organoleptic characteristics; technological parameters; chemical composition; standardisation; geographical origin

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