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Stockbreeding : Journal of Animal Improvement, Vol.60 No.3 July 2006.

Original scientific paper

Egg quality from free range and cage system of keeping layers

Đuro Senčić
Zvonko Antunović
Matija Domačinović
Marcela Šperanda
Zvonimir Steiner

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Senčić, Đ., Antunović, Z., Domačinović, M., Šperanda, M., Steiner, Z. (2006). Kvaliteta kokošjih jaja iz slobodnog i kaveznog sustava držanja. Stočarstvo : Časopis za unapređenje stočarstva, 60(3), 173-179. Retrieved from

Investigation was conducted on eggs from two groups of laying hens of Lohmann Brown hybrids. Each group consisted of 70 laying hens of even age and laying period. The control group of layers were held on conventional range in cages. The layers' eggs from free range system, had higher egg weight (63.50:60.50g), higher shape index (1.32:1.30), higher egg shell thickness ( and more intensive yolk colour (12.40:10.80 Roche) in comparison to control (conventional) range.Other investigated parameters (egg yolk index, egg white index, Haugh units, pH of yolk and white, total cholesterol) did not significantly differ (P<0.05) between the investigated groups. With regard to producers' and consumers' demands, free range system of layers was better in relation to conventional range system in egg quality.

eggs quality; free range; cage system

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