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PILAR : Croatian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.I No.2(2) November 2006.

Original scientific paper

Ivo Pilar’s Role in the Organization of Croats in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Jure KRIŠTO ; Croatian Institute for History, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

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KRIŠTO, J. (2006). Ivo Pilar’s Role in the Organization of Croats in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Pilar : časopis za društvene i humanističke studije, I(2(2)), 57-68. Retrieved from

Based on the fact that Dr. Ivo Pilar lived and worked in Bosnia and
Herzegovina for fifteen years (1905-1920) of his life, the author cautions that no
attempt has been made to describe Pilar’s public activities in that part of the former
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Beginning with an outline of the “Difficulties
of Croat Catholics in Bosnia and Hercegovina,” the author gives an overview of
the formation of the Croatian People’s Union (1906) and Pilar’s contribution to
its work, then the reasons and circumstances of the conflict between this party
and the Vrhbosnian Archbishop Josip Stadler, who established the Croat
Catholic Association, leading to a split among the Bosnian and Herzegovinian
Croats of Catholic faith.

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