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Strojarstvo : časopis za teoriju i praksu u strojarstvu, Vol.52 No.6 Prosinac 2010.

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Thermodynamic Analysis of Diesel Engine Combustion Process

Mario Jelić ; University of Dubrovnik, Marine Department, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Jelić, M. (2010). Thermodynamic Analysis of Diesel Engine Combustion Process. Strojarstvo : časopis za teoriju i praksu u strojarstvu, 52(6), 615-620. Preuzeto s

New method of working fluid availability analysis during cylinder
combustion process is described in this thesis. This new method uses a
new approach to thermodynamic combustion process by applying a
decomposition model. A decomposition model substitutes one realistic
process with two identical imaginary processes due to the equivalent
change of working fluid and external influences.
Such a new developed method, has advantages to detect exact positions
of working fluid availability destruction. Also, there is a possibility to
calculate complete thermodynamic values including entropy changes
during combustion steps.
Experimental results are obtained by analysing a four – stroke compression
ignition engine and results are shown in diagrams: u-s, u-φ, s-φ and
In the last chapter of this thesis certain group of results are compared
and availability destruction positions are located. The method, developed
in this thesis, can be used for further optimisation and development of
compression ignition engines.

Ključne riječi
Availability; Combustion; Decomposition model; Diesel engine

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