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County heads of Križevci County in 13th and 14th centuries

Ozren Blagec   ORCID icon ; Gradski muzej Križevci, Tome Sermagea 2, HR-48260

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The first known Križevci County Head was Ižan, mentioned in a document from 1193. In the 13th century data can be traced of thirteen county

heads of Križevci, but the number is not final. Those heads were in this order: Petko, Dominik, who also held the post of deputy Vice-Roy or ban, then Juraj, Junk, Tiburcije, Kračina, Jakob, Mar-tin, Puž, another Martin, Ilija and Marcel. Unfortunately, nothing is yet known for about more than twenty years of those who followed after Marcel, till the beginning of the 14th century.
In that century the County of Križevci had more than twenty county heads. In the early 14th century we know of Joakim, Bek, Jakob, Hektori and Stjepan. Around 1325 Stjepan, the son of Vice-Roy Pavel became the County Head. His father was the first better-known head of the county. After him came Pavao, Jakob, Toma, Petar (also deputy Vice-Roy), then Juraj and Jakob, who was not elected or appointed county head but only acting county head. The line was continued with Ladislav and then Petar Cirke who held the post twice, becoming deputy Vice-Roy in the closing years of his second service. Between his first and second terms the heads were Ugrin and Ivan. Cirke was replaced by Basov de Byk. David, Martin Držanić and Petar followed and then again Basov de Byk. Further on came Toma, Martin Držanić again, Ivan Antimonov and Ivan Mihaelov. From David to Ivan Antimonov all county heads were deputy Vice-Roys as well, while Toma, Martin Držanić and Ivan Antimonov also occupied the position of county head of Zagreb County. In the two centuries our sources also mention a lot of territorial and manor county heads, who were actually deputy county heads. This means they assisted the county head in various situations.

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Križevci County; Križevci; county head; great county head; deputy county head; deputy Vice-Roy

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