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Dragutin Bahun-a Renaissance man in the 20th century

Ivan Dečak ; Mlinovi 25/1, HR-10000 Zagreb

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Only 8 km from Križevci in the direction of Zagreb, in the village of Veliki Raven, Dragutin Bahun was born on the first day of July in 1933. They called him Charlie/Čarli, after Chaplin. He left a lot in various fields of culture, in some even reached peaks of creativity. His career started parallelly in two media- film (1951) and theatre (1952), and only six years later he came to television. He acted for 4 years in the Satiric Theatre Jazavac/Kerempuh, mostly performing the legendary figure of Petrica Kerempuh. Bahun acted, wrote poetry, was a presenter, script writer, assistant director, director, master of ceremonies (in Križevci), programme organizer etc. He spent most of his life in Zagreb, where he died on 25th June in 1993 and was buried on Miroševac Cemetery.

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Dragutin Bahun Čarli; Raven; Križevci; Zagreb; many-sided artist; Renaissance man; first-rate author

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