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Collegium antropologicum, Vol.35 No.2 Lipanj 2011.

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The Chronology of Third Molar Eruption in the Croatian Population

Hrvoje Brkić
Marin Vodanović
Jelena Dumančić
Željka Lovrić
Ivana Čuković-Bagić
Mladen Petrovečki

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Brkić, H., Vodanović, M., Dumančić, J., Lovrić, Ž., Čuković-Bagić, I., Petrovečki, M. (2011). The Chronology of Third Molar Eruption in the Croatian Population. Collegium antropologicum, 35(2), 353-357. Preuzeto s

Dental age estimation is common in orthodontics, paedodontics, paleodontology and forensic dentistry. The aim of
this study was to assess chronological course of eruptive developmental phases of third molar and to establish parameters
for the Croatian population. Sample of this study consisted of 1249 orthopantomograms of 530 (42.4%) male and
719 (57.6%) female subjects, aged 10 to 25 years. Eruptive phases were classified in 4 stages. No significant sex difference
was found. Established chronology of the third molar eruption can be used as a standard for the assessment of dental age
in clinical and forensic research on samples of Croatian population.

Ključne riječi
age determination by teeth; tooth eruption; third molar; forensic dentistry

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