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Mario Cifrak ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The speech on the occasion of 300* anniversary of the academic education
in Osijek would be incomplete had we not mentioned Marijan Lanosović, ofm. He
lived in Osijek as a student from 1766 until 1770, and worked as a professor from
1774 until 1783. My paper is actually linked to his Lectionary edition from 1794 in
Budim, where Marijan Lanosović lived from 1791 until 1800, as a Provinces'
Secretary. His scientific work connects two cultural circles, the one from Osijek and
the other from Budim. By the edition of his Lectionary he became one among few
friars who after liberation of Slavonia from Turks edited lectionaries after I.
Bandulavić, and these were: Nikola Kesić and Emerik Pavić. The work performed by
Marijan Lanosović is however different from the works of his predecessors since he
took example by the Latin-German translation made under the guidance of the
Benedictine G. Cartier 1751. Interdependence of these lectionaries and translations
will be shown on the example of pericope from Lk 24,36-47.

Ključne riječi
Slavonic Lectionaries; Roman Missal; I. Bandulavić; E. Pavić; M. Lanosović; G. Cartier

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