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Živorad Milenović ; Učieljski fakulet, leposavić, Srbija

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APA 6th Edition
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The classification of the leadership style of the teacher is based on the way
of using the authority. In traditional education two styles leadership dominant:
autocratic and democratic. They are settled between two extremes and each of them is
suiting for the concrete educational situation. As the third, the laisse-faire leadership
style is advocated, that the excessive randomness, it has not found the application in
the modern school. The inclusive education is the new didactic conception, didactical
system or didactical model of organized learning and lecturing of the children with
special educational needs. In the inclusive education, the teacher has different roles,
functions and leadership styles. The teacher in the inclusive education is adapting his
leadership style to individualization of the educational aim and educational needs of
the children. That is why one is talking about adaptive leadership style of the teacher
in inclusive education.

Ključne riječi
inclusive education,; traditional education; students with special educational needs; primary school; leadership style; autocratic style; democratic style; laissez-faire style; adaptive style

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