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Ljiljana Vrnjković ; OŠ Josipa Lovretića, Otok, Hrvatska

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Vrnjković Lj. LEKTIRA U RAZREDNOJ NASTAVI. Život i škola [Internet]. 2011 [pristupljeno 12.04.2021.];LVII(25):193-205. Dostupno na:
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As of today, the rich literature on literary and language education is very
difficult to choose the right materials that would be used when introducing students to
the world of literary communication. The ultimate outcome is to create students
developed the ability to experience, cognition and evaluation of works of art, but the
path to such a personality is formed by a long and complex. This paper would like to
point out the problems encountered by students and teachers and classroom teaching
along the way and propose possible solutions. On arrival at the first class students are
finding the meaning of the library, borrowing books and meet with picture books as
the first step of entering the magical world of literary works. Therefore, we should be
careful and find the optimal way to gain a child and pout, and later to be an active
reader, writer and maybe a famous story. It is important that your child gets adequate
time reading material that is very important for the formation of a positive orientation
toward literary work.
Of course, that this article is just my small contribution to the consideration of the
initial communication problems with the literary work. I used a lot of literature, but
mostly I relied on their classroom practice, ie, real, experiential work with students
who have been the best indicator of the schools.

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reading, studen; , library; classroom instruction; picture books; fairy tales; literary work

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