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Protection of children on the Internet

Nataša Ružić

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The development of technology has facilitated in many ways the life of the contemporary society, but in the same time it has also contributed to the development of a new form of crime - cyber-criminality. On the Internet nobody is protected from cyber-stealing, cyber-violence and cyber-pornography. And while adults respond alone for their thoughtlessness, the consequences for children can be catastrophic as few children use the Internet for the sake of education. Thus, it is indispensible to protect the youngest population through juridical regulations, although parents must control their children for which purpose they use the Internet. It is a fact that the “digital generation” understands much better the contemporary technology than its parents, so that it is easy for them to manipulate parents and launch itself in various adventures on the Internet. The Internet is full of violent contents, speak of hatred, rudeness, vulgarity and so on.
Countries with the biggest number of Internet users have discussed already in the 90-ies laws which would protect children from the Internet. Instead, with the growth of the number of Internet users, the number of cyber-criminals growths too as from the technical point of view it is impossible to control the Internet. Just this fact leads us to the conclusion that on the Internet, the strictest restrictions are indispensible.

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Internet; children; Cyber-criminality; law; regulations

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