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Synthesis philosophica, Vol.26 No.1 Kolovoz 2011.

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Sartre’s Existential Marxism and the Quest for Humanistic Authenticity

Daniel Jakopovich ; London, United Kingdom

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Jakopovich, D. (2011). Sartre’s Existential Marxism and the Quest for Humanistic Authenticity. Synthesis philosophica, 26(1), 195-208. Preuzeto s

The essay reassess Sartre’s work as a philosophical synthesis of thought and struggle, in which authentic human relations and concrete political action assume a much more central place than it is granted in many (perhaps most) accounts. This essay also identifies certain inconsistencies, methodological limitations and points of controversy in his work, while affirming the essentially authentic core of his philosophy and political activity.

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freedom; facticity; intersubjectivity; authenticity; civic virtue; left-wing politics

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