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Scientology - interpretation of basic concepts

Ivan Macut

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This article deals with the interpretation of the basic
concepts of Scientology. Namely, to be able to draw somewhat
closer to understanding such a complex reality as Scientology
is, one has to start from the basic theses or principles. In the
first chapter we have briefly presented the life and work of the
founder of the Church of Scientology, Lafayette Ron Hubbard.
On the one side, there is his official biography written by the
Church of Scientology, and, on the other side, there are unofficial
biographies of various authors. The problem is that, at some
points of his life, these two sides diverge. In the second chapter
we have briefly outlined the basic teaching of Dianetics, basic
axioms of Dianetics and parts of man according to Hubbard’s
teaching. Moreover, this chapter talks about reaching the
state of Clear, conceptions of life and death, life after death, i.e.
reincarnation, and the concept of God in Scientology teachings.
Namely, all these are very important themes that enable us to
understand how Scientology experiences man, his life and death,
and what awaits him after death. The third part talks about the
main parts of human life, which Hubbard calls dynamics and
there are eight of them: 1. dynamic of self; 2. dynamic of sex; 3.
group dynamic; 4. dynamic of mankind; 5. dynamic of animals;
6. dynamic of universe; 7. spiritual dynamic; 8. dynamic of
infinity or dynamic of God. These eight dynamics are used
in Scientology communication and they have to be perfectly
learned as a part of Scientology vocabulary. The fourth chapter
talks about the Creed of the Church of Scientology. It is written
by the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. It contains the
basic tenets of the Church of Scientology faith.

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Scientology; Lafayette Ron Hubbard; Dianetics; Eight Dynamics; Clear; Thetan; Creed

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